Why Magenta Events? Why not Red, Purple, Orange, or Green Events?
Because magenta is a magical colour!
Because magenta is the colour of Universal harmony and love; the colour of change and transformation; the colour of the 8th Chakra – the Soul Star.
A fusion of the colours red and violet – both the end colours of the rainbow - magenta is a beautifully spiritual colour, yet it is also very practical and grounding – bringing heaven and earth together as one. It promotes compassion and acceptance, kindness, wellness and gentleness, collaboration and support.
Magenta is associated with how we see life and our ability to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony in our everyday life. It helps us to rise above trivial life dramas and situations and move with the flow of life.
On our journey to self-discovery, self-awareness and self-knowledge, magenta can connect us to our deepest inner knowing, support us in taking responsibility for our own path, in letting go of what no longer serves us, and in taking those necessary steps to turn our dreams into reality.
And this is what Magenta Events is all about!



Magenta Events was created to help and support :


  • complementary therapists, practitioners and teachers who are experts in their fields who find it challenging to get their work out to a wider audience.  Magenta Events help them to connect and collaborate together, become more visible and able to support more people with their precious gifts.


  • Women and men who are beginning a journey, or who are already on a journey of self-discovery but need more support, more tools, more practices to stand in their own power and who want to come together with like minded seekers.


Magenta Events aims to raise the consciousness of this world, one person, one group, one event, one workshop, one retreat at a time. Mother Earth needs us all to stand in our own power, expand our consciousness, and to help others to do the same. The time has come for us all to stand up and speak together as one voice and do the empowering work every one of us came here to do!




Based in the UK and France

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