Hello there, my name is Fiona and I’m the founder of and the co-founder of Magenta Events.

I am a BEingness Teacher, Self-love facilitator, Self-empowerment Coach, Metaphysician and Ordained Minister

My journey to self-discovery and healing started many years ago. For most of my life, I had struggled with very low self-esteem, guilt, shame, unworthiness - the list was endless! I never felt good enough, I never knew what to do or say, and I couldn’t speak up for myself, I would just choke up and cry because over the years I had silenced my own voice rather than that of others. All I knew was that I was not what they said I was; I was not how others defined me. The truth was I never had a sense of self - and I had rendered myself powerless. Allowing nature to be my teacher, the trees to be my guides, I learnt about beingness and self-love and I completely changed my life.

I now help people to discover a powerful sense of self, to be able to stand up and claim their true identity, their own uniqueness, the love that they are. I guide and support them on an empowering journey back home to themselves; a journey of letting go of all they are not and bringing to light their true nature, their truth, their purpose, their unique expression of self – their You-niqueness – through the sacred and powerful words of I AM. My wish is for everyone to uncover and bathe in their own unique Fragrance of Being.

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Hi, my name is Jane Harris and I am the owner of La Sanctite Essences – – and the co-founder of Magenta Events.  I am first and foremost a flower essence practitioner, but I didn’t start life out as one.  I started out in life rather mundanely as a Personal Assistant to various Managing Directors in global blue-chip companies and then as a Project Manager in the IT world.


Over the years I have been following an ‘unseen’ path which brought me to the wonderful modality of flowers.  My journey along this path has been one of self-discovery and huge healing and has allowed me to start living a life I was supposed to be living.  The path has not been an easy one in many ways, but the flowers have guided me, protected me and given me the strength to connect to the real me.  My life has had its ups and downs but I have been so lucky to have met wonderful healers along the way who have ‘held my hand’ along this journey.


My mission is to work with people, empowering, supporting and valuing them in order that they can achieve their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.  To give them the opportunity to experience the magic of flowers’ and, more importantly, to show them that they can be the people they came onto this wonderful earth to be.


Magenta Events aims to guide and support all those who are walking an ‘unseen path’ but it is more than just that – it is also a place where other practitioners, complementary therapists, coaches and teachers like us can collaborate with each other, to empower, support and value one another so that our voices can be heard and the world can be changed for the better, one day at a time.  Together we can make a difference!