One Voice: Diverse, Beautiful, Sacred

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Spring is finally with us. Mother Nature has awakened from a long, deep sleep and now ready for re-birth and new growth. Days and nights, the light and the dark, are becoming equal, bringing us back to a much-needed state of balance. Mother Nature is ready to flourish once again.

The same is happening for us! The dark months are now over, and we are finally moving out into the warmth of the light. Our energies are shifting from an inward focus to an outward one and our spirits are ready to start anew.

Yes, this is the theme of our 3rd FREE event. It is all about ‘the new – the spring – re-birth – re-connection – new beginnings – new intentions – new vision – growing your life – creativity – starting anew’. However, where did the event title ‘One Voice: Diverse, Beautiful, Sacred’ come from, we hear you say? ‘One Voice’ is very much an integral part of Magenta Event’s Mission Statement. The time has come for us all to stand up and speak together as one voice and do the empowering work every one of us came here to do.  We all have amazing gifts to offer one another, and they are very diverse but so beautiful and each and every one of them, sacred!


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