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Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd October 2021

WOW!! We are so excited at Magenta Events to be able to share with you 10 NATUR-al conversations we have had with some of the most amazing and inspiring people. 


DO YOU WANT TO HEAR MORE?  Of course you do !


What are these conversations about we hear you ask – well ….


On 2nd & 3rd October we are going to be talking about ‘Navigating through Emotional Unchartered Waters’.  We are going to be showing you how you can also navigate these waters and we are going to be giving practical advice and some lovely FREEBIES!!


First though the ‘information’ bit …. WHO or WHAT is Magenta Events?


We created Magenta Events to help, support and collaborate with


  • Complementary therapists, practitioners and teachers who are experts in their fields but who may find it challenging to get their work out to a wider audience. 

  • Women and men who are beginning a journey or who are already on a journey of self-discovery but would like more support, more tools, more practices to stand in their own power.


Magenta Events aims to raise the consciousness of the world, one person, one group, one events, one workshop, one retreat at a time.  It is so needed in today’s world – Mother Earth needs us to stand in our own power and expand our consciousness and by doing this we can then help others to do the same.  The time has come for us to ALL stand up and speak together with ONE VOICE and do the empowering work every one of us has come here to do!


Our first event – NAVIGATING THROUGH EMOTIONAL UNCHARTERED WATERS – is all about how to find natur-al tools and rituals to lovingly and gently support us during turbulent times in our lives.  Simple, effective tools which allow you to re-connect with yourself, re-balance your energies and bring some peace within.  So many different emotions have been triggered during 2020 – emotions we may have never felt before and so through our conversations with some pretty amazing people we able to bring you some guidance in these times as well.


NATUR-AL CONVERSATIONS WITH MAGENTA EVENTS are light hearted, sometimes quite funny and sometimes emotional, heartfelt chats about these feelings we are experiencing now and how we can take responsibility for the way we look at life and our place in it …


These NATUR-AL CONVERSATIONS WITH MAGENTA EVENTS come from the desire for everyone to find support for themselves and help each other through challenging times. They are light hearted, sometimes funny and sometimes emotional, heartfelt chats about those feelings we are experiencing now, and how we can take responsibility for our state of being, and the way we look and approach life.

This event is all about kindness - SELF-KINDNESS - being kind to yourself. You know, kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, considerate, and helpful. Thoughtful, gentle, warm, nurturing, caring and nourishing are words that are also often associated with this quality of being. Self-kindness means acting in all of these ways towards ourselves. Yes, to ourselves! 


We are taught from a very young age to respect and include others, to be polite and kind to others, to take care and nurture others, yet somewhere down the line, we were excluded from all of this and were never shown, or taught how to do the same for ourselves. 

Fortunately, things are now beginning to change, and we are starting to learn differently. How many times do you hear people say …"Be kind to yourself!" and we inwardly squirm and think "What on earth does that mean? Where do you start?" Well, that's why we thought it would be wonderful to invite some lovely people who could tell us just that - what being kind to ourselves actually means, and offer us some great suggestions on how to go about it too! 

The Art Of Being Kind To Yourself is all about finding NATUR-al and effective ways of being kind to yourself, allowing you to reconnect - regenerate - rebalance your energies and bring some peace within you, no matter what is going on around you. These amazing people will be sharing how they treat themselves with kindness and offering you some simple, practical, self-help tools to help you bring self-kindness into your daily life in various ways. 

Friday 4th December2021

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